This eclectic mix of funk, jazz and rap in originals by New Zealander Liam Ryan is full of catchy riffs and nods to greats like Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck and Antonio Carlos Jobim. The acoustic combo of keyboards, drums,guitar, bass and sax is augmented by Grant Mason on flugelhorn/trumpet, Carol Storey on vocals and Midge Marsden on harmonica. Hone Ngata provides scratchin' and DJ effects  reminiscent of Davis' Doo Bop album. The first track Funkflewin and Viva Fiesta also have the Davis hallmark and Carol Storey adds sultry vocal interest to the Latin Here In My Heart. Blue Elevator's uneven rhythms are reminiscent of Brubeck while the acoustic Winter Salsa is a showcase for Ryan's piano improvisations. Throughout Cam Allen's sax palying and overdubbed sax sectionals are smooth as silk (Blue Elevator his spot in the limelight) and Grant Mason shines, punctuating with a cool take on Miles at his most Mellow