An intelligent and evocative exposition Pacific Riviera is the second in a trilogy of instrumental albums which Nelson- based ex-Narc and Raglan Mudshark Liam Ryan is producing. The fresh and flowing Resurgence begins things with its breathy atmosphere and slide guitar. No time is wasted in getting the jazz mood in gear with Mike Booth's cool jazz trumpet stylings on Mississippi Miles paying perfect tribute to Miles Davis, all the while maintaining a funky groove. While there are many themes touched on there is a consistent feeling of spaciousness album-wide. Flutopia boasts  crisp keyboard embellishments and the jungle-like chant of Greg Latham's flute playing. Ryan's melodic direction and sparse jazz keyboards sparkle throughout all 7 tracks. Sonically Pacific Riviera is world class and all parts unify to create a greater whole. Ryan has embraced music to its core.Ultra cool grooves. (4 .5 stars) Feb 13, 2011